Step 1: Create config file

The default location is /usr/local/etc/zsm.yaml on FreeBSD and /etc/zsm.yaml on Linux.

  - dataset: "tank/data"
    label: "daily"
    frequency: "1d"
    retention: 30

  - dataset: "tank/data"
    label: "hourly"
    frequency: "1h"
    retention: 24

Step 2: Verify configuration

Not required, but a good sanity check.

Validate the config file

sudo zsm validate-config

Perform a dry run

sudo zsm cron --dry-run --log-console

Step 3: Add to crontab

Add a line to crontab as the root user, passing the cron command to zsm.

*/1 * * * * LANG=en_US.UTF-8 zsm cron

The log file is by default located at /var/log/zsm.log, and the default log level is INFO.

If you need help creating a crontab line, check out crontab guru.