Move library code from zsm-lib into zsm.

Remove dependency on sarge.

Update dependencies to newer versions.

Update project config files to more modern patterns.


Update requirements to newer versions.

Fix crash in _deserialize after upgrading to marshmallow 3.


Start including tests in source packages.

Snapshot config field name renamed to label, to avoid confusion with the actual ZFS snapshot name. Also improved validation.

Snapshot config field delta renamed to frequency, because it makes more sense grammatically. Also changed implementation from simple dict to complex string. See Quickstart and Configuration file for more information.

Fix bug where it would incorrectly find and manage snapshots where the label was only a partial match. Add regression test to detect this bug.

Start including tests in source packages.

Improve test coverage.


Initial release.

Add commands:

  • cron

  • validate-config

  • version