Configuration file

The config file is a YAML file where the top level object is a mapping.


  • snapshots (List of mappings) - Define what snapshots to take.

    • dataset (String) - Name of an existing dataset, including pool name.
      Example: tank/data.

    • label (String) - Descriptive short name, typically describing the frequency.
      Examples: daily, weekly, every-2-minutes.

    • frequency (String) - Define how often the snapshot should be taken.
      Can contain multiple values consisting of a number and a unit.
      Supported units are weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, including various abbreviations like w, d, h, min, sec.
      Examples: 2w, 3d 12h, 2Weeks3DAYS 5h,3mins,2secs.

    • retention (Integer) - Number of old snapshots to keep.
      Example: 12.